About Us

The Man Behind the Magic Beans

We chose the name Blue Hen to pay tribute to our home state of Delaware, whose state bird is the Blue Hen.

After leaving to join the military, our owner realized he missed his home state of Delaware. Growing up, he was surrounded by mom-and-pop shops, small-town festivals, and a feeling of true community. By founding Blue Hen, he hopes to share that warm feeling with others far and wide.

Inspired by the passion for coffee and the need to keep his own body moving, he created Blue Hen Coffee – a company built on a love of coffee and community.

Doing Our Part to Spread the Love

We're more than just coffee. We're coffee with a purpose. A portion of every sale at Blue Hen Coffee is donated to the Food Bank of Delaware as one of our many ways of giving back to our community and spreading the love to our neighbors.

What does this mean for you? Whenever you buy something at Blue Hen Coffee, you're helping us feed those in need. Additionally, Blue Hen Coffee is proud to also support Feeding America® with donations from a portion of every sale.

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